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Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will take place at the "Reales Alcazares", after a guided tour to this Royal Palace, the oldest royal residence in Europe.

The Real Alcazar occupies the location of a series of different buildings, a Rom an acropolis, a Paleochristian Basilica, different Visigothic buildings, a Moorish castle, and the first Moorish Fortress of the 9th century. Pedro I built the Mudejar Palace, a mixture of Gothic elements with Mudejar plaster and coffer work. Especially interesting are the Patio de la Monteria (Hunting Patio), the Patio de las Doncellas (Maiden's Patio), the Patio de las Munecas (Dolls Patio) and the impressive Salon de Embajadores (Ambassador's Hall), with its huge golden cupola of the mid-15th century. Next to the Mudejar Palace stands the Palace of Carlos V, adjacent to the Jardines del Alcazar (Alcazar gardens) of Moorish inspiration with Renaissance and Romantic elements.

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Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will take place at the "Parador de Carmona", a castle built upon the ruins of the old fortress-residence of king Pedro I (XIVth century), which sometimes is still visible (the outer walls, the access gate...)

The Paradores are special Hotels located in the middle of an extraordinary natural environment or in an interesting historic-artistic ensemble of monuments, Paradores offer you a different concept of hotels and restaurants. They combine historic and cultural tradition with the comfort and quality demands of today's travellers. The first Parador Nacional was inaugurated in 1923. This initiative has continued and has allowed us to recover a long series of buildings belonging to the Spanish National Heritage which, for a diversity of reasons, were abandoned or needing restoration.

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